dollyrat asked: 18 is still sort of young. lol :-)


Anonymous asked: Hey are you going to Megafest in Michigan February 21st?


badreams asked: Groupies in Miami? I need some friends ;)

someone help her get her vag smashed

sharneadacrazy1 asked: Are you going to any of the dates for Warped Tour this year?

fuck no

clearly-cynical asked: Hey


Anonymous asked: I saw one of the girls at the Toronto concert talking with one in particular...


Anonymous asked: Who is Raichelle Viado?

you tell me

steviek asked: why did you have to post the jim thing from warped haha, my inbox is overflowing. NO GUESTLIST for you biddies on break down the walls, unless you wanna take me to dinner and get me drunk.... XOXO miss you papa bear


Anonymous asked: Nick I love you & you're a genius.


collinthebrowning asked: Nick I hate you.